When we are young, we plan our lives and think we need to know where we will go and who we will be. It is interesting how life has roads and little pathways that we never knew about. Once we leave our childhood nest and begin our journey, there are so many options in life. Hard work and sacrifice is the main requirement at times, “nothing good comes easy or everyone would do it”. That was my go-to reminder to keep plugging away.

This year, I’m looking forward to more of the “interior” design and accessorizing our property and getting into the studio and creating a space for my work.

This summer, my nonprofit Science Loves Art, is busy creating DIY Kits for families, kids, senior citizens and basically everyone. Creating fun art experiences creates smiles and relaxes us. This makes me happy!

Here’s to finishing by BFA at the University of Wyoming and to moving on to accessorizing our property (no more building projects!).

Come on summer and more adventures!

erOur remodeled Vintage Greenhouse on our Downtown Laramie property. The greenhouse was built in 1926 and originally had glass panels and a boiler under the ground for heat. My chill place year round!

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