Art From Earth, an art exhibition

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Art From Earth was inspired by the 5 year National Science Foundation / Wyoming EPSCoR grant that I was fortunate to participate as the artist on the education and outreach team. The grant focuses on microbes in our soil, water, plants and their role in repairing damage. This project has inspired much of my work and added a level of inspiration to my work. I’ve always used plants and soils of some type in my work and sculpture, but this grant really inspired me to look deeper and feel the soil with my hands and my microscope!

This exhibition is co-hosted with Science Loves Art, a nonprofit I founded in 2018. Learn more about Science Loves Art and follow through social media. The SLA Kits are designed by me with the goals of providing art and science experiences to isolated, rural and those without the means to enjoy the experience of art.

The full online exhibition will be open soon. It is exciting to see the work by so many artists and scientists!

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