Art is so fun to create and I really love creating something for people to actually wear and enjoy. It can feel kinda cheesy advertising or selling your work, but when people come back and appreciate having a unique gift for someone, that makes me really happy!

I’ll be preparing for my first installation in February so that will be super exciting! This will be a time to create art for a temporary experience rather than something that someone will own. This installation will be a collaboration with my son, Austen, who is an AWESOME artist and creates music as well.

My goal is to have some art available for people to purchase and to spend the time on the pieces so it is still an enjoyable experience. I don’t want anything to feel like a job or production line.

Had to share a new design from yesterday…. I was working in the studio playing around with metal pendant designs and had some small glass pendants that I love and then decided to merge them. I’m not sure if anyone else will like it, but I love the balance of the smooth/glossy with the textured metal and the freedom of the pieces to move independently.

Today I’m finishing the last stages of some metal jewelry and tomorrow….. a couple of batches of fresh lotion!


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