Fun art weekend

It was an awesome weekend with a big open studio party Friday night and inside my husband was hosting an “isotope” beer party where his class was trying out the beer they made for their isotope class. It was a fun night with lots of friends and fun!

One of the best things about open studio days is the feedback I get from friends and locals that come back and buy something every year. I like getting feedback about what worked and what didn’t work and also new ideas about what people want.

So, soon I am having a “jewelry malfunction and creation party”. Doesn’t that sound fun! It’s a great way to start the new year, with a facelift on some jewelry you love but needs some attention.

Here’s a fun layered piece…. I like the rectangle enamel over embossed or textured copper. They move independently and that makes it really fun to wear.

I just received some new enamel colors in the mail today… more colors created tomorrow!!

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