Fall Installation in the THIS Gallery

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This installation was titled “Remnants” def “A small remaining quantity of something”.  I thought that title was appropriate because I found these leaves that had fallen from the trees and were just left to dry.  I am interested in the idea of “preservation” of plants and to create artwork that demonstrates obvious respect for the plants and the emphasis of their importance to our lives.  The use of sheet plastic and found leaves to create something beautiful was interesting to me.  I also like to merge materials together that have very different qualities, like glass and metal with concrete, paper with metal etc..  I wasn’t sure how this installation would turn out because you never know until you begin arranging the pieces in a blank room.  Lighting, height, floor, ceiling, walls and even electrical outlet placement affect the final piece! 

I have about 12 pieces of plastic and dried plants that I meticulously created over a 2 month period.  Each panel is approximately 3 feet by 12 feet.  I hung all of the pieces from the ceiling making a cylinder shape from floor to ceiling with colored lighting in the middle of the piece. 

The lighting from the middle created the perfect outline of each plant.  To complete the installation, I added dried dill and rosemary plants to the floor to fill the room with the essence of the herbs.  Sound was playing from small speakers from the middle of the cylinder that simulated wind through trees.

It was interesting to gather responses from the viewers about their reaction to the installation.  The best thing about installations to me is providing the viewer with a total “experience”.  Smells, sounds, visually interesting images all merge together.  Some viewers react just as I intended (or with a similar reaction) but others are overwhelmed, or can’t get past the smell of the room.  Ha.  It is awesome!

I’m currently looking at new opportunities for this installation and have new ideas about presentation.  I’ve designed companion jewelry for this installation that is in the beginning stages, but I’m interested in this concept.   It’s funny how I think of jewelry this way.   





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