I’m happy to b spending some time in Vienna researching and getting inspired by architecture and art! The Museum Quarter is still awesome. I found a nice art supplies store and bought tons of new, inspiring tools and materials for summer exploratory artwork… Boesner (www.boesner.at)

We took a day trip to Bratislava Slovakia and that was awesome. Some old communist building remnants but mainly we noticed the renewal of the culture and the architecture. Buildings especially in the old town are so beautiful! I also found a statue made of concrete with the most beautiful lace created into the concrete. I first fell in love with concrete as a way to create sculpture while living in France and noticed these functional (large concrete balls used to roll down the castle into approaching enemies) and then of course the statues, building accents and columns dating back 1000 years.

I always enjoy the urban art that is created. Art is an interesting way to communicate to the masses.











Looking forward to getting into the studio and organizing some summer workshops, creating glass and concrete art and some new enamel art jewelry.

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