Outdoor fine are shows are hot in the summer but a fun way to meet artists, chat with the community and I enjoy thinking about them as “pop-up” art exhibition.  Being invited by Cherry Creek for the 4th time is a big honor because they bring in the best artists that I admire so much!  Many of these artists travel the country and present their work in the top  fine art shows and it is amazing to watch them work and present their work.  It takes a special artist to travel and do this every weekend and I’m not one of them, BUT I love presenting my artwork in various ways and creating new collaborations.

I appreciate the people that I meet at the Cherry Creek Art Festivals (summer and the fall festival at the Stanley Marketplace in September).  Because of the city and urban atmosphere in Denver, my artwork is appreciated by the people that live here and we have great discussions about the textures and materials (usually metal, glass and concrete).

Participating in the recent art show allowed me to meet architects, designers and others that appreciate concrete as a design and art material and I look forward to some future collaborations.

My sketch pad is full of ideas and I am so excited to get back in the studio and get the mig welder going and finally get back to making some urban jewelry and get some custom orders filled!

I’ll be keeping my Cherry Creek Art Shop inventory going this year so you can shop year round for sculptures and request special commissions anytime.

Being an artist to me means doing what I love, sharing art with people in many, many varieties, bringing kids into art and plant a seed that art is for them too.

Yay for summer and art!!

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