Finished up the plaster sculpture and was happy to see how it turned out.  Each “seed” was made with different materials . 

The down side to plaster is that it is not a good material for exterior sculptures, expecially here in Wyoming.  I decided that this piece is an experiment of materials.  After researching many cement recipes while looking for a light weight solution, I experimented, tested and then found one that worked for my PEAR sculpture. I’ve made concrete countertops and have stained my concrete floors but haven’t worked with lightweight recipes.


First I welded an armature for the pear and then added the special recipe and hand formed/troweled the cement mixture onto the form.  The longer it cures, the stronger it is.  I’ve read that 4 weeks is a good solid cure time and I’m at 2 weeks and it is getting much stronger.  We planted tomatoes into the base on put it in full sun so that will be the true test.  It seems like the concrete will provide some warmth the tomatoes will like.


I’d love to hear from others that have cement sculptures and recipes that work.  I used perilite in one recipe and vermiculite in another.  I also mainly used white cement and then stained the final piece.  Love the organic texture of the final piece.


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