imageMetal plaster sculpture

Seed Pod welding

I’m anxious to clean out the studio and prepare for some new art projects.  I haven’t been in my studio much because of the awesome studios we have to work in at the new Visual Arts Building at the Univerisity of Wyoming.  I have a metalsmith studio space and have been working on form folding and enamels this month.  I’ve spent tons of hours in the sculpture plaster and welding rooms working on my huge 2 foot seed pod and in drawing 2 we are working on pastel drawings. 

This week my goal is to enjoy time with family in Austin, Texas and gallery hopping.  I have tons of jewelry inventory pieces and hope to find a few perfect shops for them while I work on some new sculpture projects in my studio (I need the space!)

Soon I AM planning an open studio show and will keep all informed about that.  The snow is almost completely melted from the backyard and I’m ready for some backyard art with friends!

Enjoy spring break!

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