My first sculpture assignment was to create a mold and cast paper into the mold and then create a sculpture that will be hung on the wall on a 30×17 inch panel. I created 5 plaster molds and then paper cast them then connected the pieces together to create a large landscape of a mountain range. The mountain range was a breathtaking view from the road while driving from Laramie Wyoming to Steamboat Springs Colorado.

I decided to also use the road and cover it in a collage of maps. Created a mosaic out of photos of my family while living in France for the mountains/sky. Other items used : pages from a french /english translation book, french lace and prarie grass. Layers and layers of these items were glued together sometimes using tissue paper. The entire piece was then covered in tinted wax (or clear wax) and this created a very nice atmospheric touch to give distance to the mountains.

Here are some photos of the final piece. I LOVED making it and added one last touch. A wire that was to represent a “scale” hung lavender from one side and some Wyoming sage from the other. The point of the entire piece was how travel and memories last and become a part of you. There is always the balance with me… work to save money so we can travel and enjoy new friends, food, culture, smells, sounds and experiences…. and then come back to Wyoming to be grounded for a while.







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