I’m spending February in Australia experimenting with new materials and processes.  After just 1 week, it has been so amazing.  I lived in Australia a few years ago with my husband (a botanist) and son and we explored and were introduced to many areas and their unique plants, sounds etc. 


This trip to  Australia has my eyes wide open to new processes and materials.  I’ll be joining the artists at Square Peg Studios in Sydney on Thursday.  I’m super excited to see what they are doing.  I’m interested in learning more about stainless steel, aluminum and mold making.  I am always looking to refine my craft skills in enameling, cold connections and mixing materials for wearable art and sculpture.  I have to force myself to not think about concrete but there is so much to be inspired about here, it is not really that hard!



The installation at the Steamboat Art Depot is going well!  They had one of the best gallery openings and I’m so excited to be a part of that!  There may still be tickets to the multi-sensory 6 course art event on February 21.  $25 per person for the event, but the gallery is open and free during the month of February.  Check it out!


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