It has been a super fun 2 weeks so far in Australia!  I’ve been so inspired by so many organic colors, shapes and textures that I don’t see often in my life in Wyoming.  I’ve taken pictures of tree bark textures, kelp and life in rock pods at the beach and plants and pods that are all so amazing.  I can’t go a day without painting or trying to make a sculpture out of some new material.

Last week I visited Square Peg Studios ( with Brenda Factor.  It was great to get a small glimpse of what they do and compare notes with what we want to learn from each other.  I’m going back on Thursday to spend more time with them and learn more about their art.  I will show them some concrete and jewelry tips, and I’m going to get to dye some aluminum… something I have been wanting to try.  I’m so excited to have more artist friends to collaborate with and introduce to my American artist friends.  We need to write a grant and have an artist residency exchange!  I’m going to work on that!!


ImageBrenda Factor

Another great artist gallery and studio that I found was 20/17 in Waterloo neighborhood in Sydney.  The galleries/studios had painters, sculpture, installations and contemporary jewelry.  Very interesting studios in an old warehouse with brick walls and concrete floors.

Just a few pics:





Here are a few pics of this week’s art experiences…


Thank you Mike at Pure Casting  ( for letting me observe.  I’ll be going back on Thursday to check out how they use their CAD with their casting work.  I love the casting process!


Heading to Sydney in the rain today…. Contemporary Art Museum, the Rocks and China Town!

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