Summer Markets….. too much fun and so chill!

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I spent this week with my husband first in Arizona and now at Lake Tahoe.  The amazing botanical remnants and found objects are piling up and screaming for me to make them into some fun art.  Today has been a day of sketching and brainstorming ideas for sculpture and jewelry and maybe some casting and playing with resin.  Also looking forward to making some serious sculpture pieces for some winter shows coming up (more on that later).

But for now, the next events I’m preparing for are some Farmer’s Markets and the Lander River Fest in August.  I’ll be bringing some of my favorite jewelry that is “nature” inspired, some organic concrete pieces, and will finally be making a ton of lotions and chapstick.  The fav lotion that I’ll be making for sure is… Citrus Jojoba lotion.   

IMG_7742 IMG_7739 IMG_8073

Tomorrow I’ll make more sketches and will take photos of the amazing pine cones here in Lake Tahoe.  Thinking that would make a super awesome concrete/metal/enamel sculpture…..


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