Summer and the unpredictable schedules have me out of the studio more than I like, but now I’m back and it is awesome.  I’m preparing designs for the Art Denver show in November.  Tiny to large sculptures that I’m making out of concrete, recycled glass and metal, paper, organic materials and other found objects.

Here’s a link to the show.  Come by if you are near Denver.


This weekend I’m excited to be in Lander at the Riverfest where my husband and I can chill.  I’m making some cowboy boot bracelets with enamel and have some funky rings too.  And…. some fun concrete pieces that I’ve created while experimenting with new recipes for the large sculptures.

More to come on the Art Denver event as they prepare more information about the participating artists and also the installations and other art that will be available that weekend.

Have a good one!

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