merging sculpture and jewelry….. jewelry art sculpture!

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I love to experiment with new materials and new recipes and versions of all time favorite materials, and jewelry / small sculpture is the perfect way to do this.  A concrete recipe can be truly tested on a small piece of jewelry and learning about the stages and effects of dripping enamel and layers of enamel are super fun on a small scale before jumping into larger versions.  Plus… people LOVE wearing small sculptures that are unique and colorful!

I’m excited that the artwork I truly enjoy creating was accepted into 2 shows this year, Art Denver (mid November at Denver Convention Center) where I will be 1 of 6 sculpture artists out of 135 overall artists and Waterfront Fine Art and Wine Festival in Scottsdale Arizona in mid February. 

My jewelry this year will focus on simple versions of these sculptural pieces I’m working on.  The jewelry will include all shapes and sizes of enameled metal earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets and handmade chains.  Recycled glass, concrete, cast metal and lots of forged metals will be merged for some awesome gift giving and party going jewelry attire!

Here’s a few of my favorites…. Let me know what you think.  May be adding jewelry shows in Austin, San Francisco and Seattle this year so stay tuned for the art schedule.  I’ll definitely be having my traditional open studio shows (or possible a few pop up jewelry / art shows) in the Rocky Mountains as well.  Working on it…..

IMG_7737 purplestudio_1.jpg purplestudio_2.jpg purplestudio_3.jpg purplestudio_4.jpg 2013-06-22 17.13.00 2013-06-30 10.51.38 etch enamel pendant IMG_7732 IMG_7734 IMG_7735

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