My recycled cast house turned out just as I hoped!  I have to tweek a few things but I think I’m on a roll now.  Creating these habitat and urban garden cast glass and concrete with enamel designs for the Art Denver show in November.  I’m excited that this show has given me opportunity to push my designs up a notch.  The “urban” part of Art Denver is just what what I needed to fuel my work.

I’m creating a video that will show more about the process, so I’ll get that posted in a day or 2.   In the meantime, here are a few pics of the process beginning with the form, making the mold, filling the mold and the final project.

my little house ready for mold making
The mold
The mold filled with recycled glass sitting in the kiln about to be transformed!
cast glass house!
cast glass ready to become part of a sculpture…. part 1 completed!

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