busy studio… Art Denver right around the corner!

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It’s been a busy month but so much fun letting myself go and create abstract jewelry sculpture.  It is great to have an event to prepare an abundance of artwork where I can be crazy creative with materials and technique!  Don’t get me wrong…. having the opportunity to exhibit in a museum or gallery is also exciting, or selling my glass/metal jewelry at an art show where I have more experience.  But, this show is exciting because it is a huge art “event” at the Denver Convention Center that focuses on visual art and artists that are “makers” (yay!)  but also allowing fashion, culinary, installation and other art to be shown in an eclectic format!

I’m also a big fan of minimalist, simple, contemporary, and urban art.  Being able to be in the middle of an urban city in a show that focuses on contemporary design is a great opportunity.  I’m learning so much!  More to come!!

sculpture jewelry ready for Art Denver

IMG_9180 IMG_9182







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