Great fun at Art Denver talking about art and technique with artists and visitors to this big new event.  A beautiful new show that has potential for cool art. Not at all like the Cherry Creek summer festival, but more of an event that merges installation, home design, fashion and visual arts. It was great being a part of the first year.

My concept for this show was “Urban Garden” which is a growing concept with my work and a great place to present some new sculpture.  It was fantastic getting feedback about the merge of organics into my jewelry sculpture and concrete sculptures.  I loved hearing “I’ve never seen anything like this”!  I connected with art collectors and designers that have the same love for the minimalist, organic, contemporary designs that I am drawn to.  I’m looking forward to sharing my Laramie studio with new art loving friends.

I enjoyed this show very much because it allowed me to focus on conceptual art and create a collaboration of work.  The work I created will be used in a gallery in 2015 and will also be part of the “habitat” installation in 2015.  It was a wonderful experience and I am anxious to follow up on connections.

I’d like to share some images of the event and will soon post links to some of my favorite artist’s work from this show.  So much talent from all over the country!

art denver booth

IMG_2069 art denver display


sculpture kelp ringsconcree wall panel


aussie pods urban glass jewelry lichen sculpture IMG_1697 Not it is time to put some finishing touches and new designs into action for the Nic Winter Art Fest show over the December 5 weekend at the Nic Museum in Casper Wyoming.  I’m VERY excited for this show!  I will be in the main lobby as you enter the museum, so you can’t miss me.

Keep in touch and send me ideas or comments anytime.  I love hearing from you!

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