as 2014 comes to a close with holiday and family experiences, it has been great for me to reflect on the art goals of 2014 and create new goals for 2015.  i have really enjoyed exploring sculpture and metalsmithing in a much deeper level and pushing the materials and myself.

although i really love creating wearable and affordable jewelry, in 2015 i have decided to add another level to my jewelry and sculpture designs.  kinetic and moveable parts to sculpture and jewelry while keeping the urban garden materials and concept.

i am just finishing up my last art history classes for my bfa degree and won’t be using the studio facilities at the university any longer, so i have invested in more hammers and equipment so my studio will have everything i need for creating the kinds of sculpture and metalsmithing pieces that i want to make.

current upcoming events and opportunities :

  • inventory and new work heading to Revival Austin.  jewelry, concrete and metal sculptures and home accessories with continuing urban garden themes!  revival austin is an amazing place with architectural and garden influenced indoor/outdoor showroom that will be the perfect fit for my work.
  • 4th annual waterfront fine art & wine festival, february 13-15 in scottsdale, arizona where i will be exhibiting small sculptures including more art jewelry sculpture!

learn more about my work by following me on instagram #renewilliamsart and facebook  renewilliamsart .  looking forward to creating some new funky work.  will be exploring yurts in the snow and beaches in costa rica and will be back in the studio with more botanical and found objects to embed into artwork!

happy holidays!

IMG_9557 IMG_9569 IMG_9551 IMG_9573IMG_2085

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