ok i wrote a very thought out post yesterday here from costa rica and somehow it is lost so if it does show up later, pardon any duplications.

i’m here in costa rica on a science residency with my husband and other scientists.  we have other specialists such as video and other media mentors / experts and we have met many amazing scientists.  i am taking this artist residency opportunity to brainstorm about art science inspirations.  i could spend a lifetime studying and experimenting with color theory and i see color theory everywhere here……..the purpose of color in plants and animals, color combinations in plants and animals, decomposing leaf colors (one of my favorite photo collections) and experimenting with the “juice” of the bromeliads that one of our science groups are studying… and it goes on and on!

i’ve visited the herbarium here at la selva (biological center) and have collected many ideas about preserving and cataloging my own plant collections that i use for my sculpture and jewelry.  i’m also cataloging and saving leaf textures that can be recreated with metal back in my studio.  very excited about that!

one of the scientists studies these “strawberry poisonous dart frog” and i have created some drawings and sculptures of these little frogs.  they put their tadpoles into the bromeliad “ponds” that live all over the place and 1 tree may have 100 little bromeliads.  the mother frog places each baby in a plant and goes back to feed them with unfertilized eggs and she remembers each baby’s location.  i love this relationship with the plants and frogs!

with 2015 here and rolling, i’m going to preserve the memories, smells, forms, textures, colors of this amazing experience and when i get back to my studio i’ll need to order tons of metal so i can recreate leaf forms and textures and most of all colors!

i’m trying to put more pics on instagram and my fb page.  let me know your thoughts or ideas about art science!

20150106-135029-49829037.jpg 20150106-135024-49824636.jpg 20150106-135030-49830938.jpg leaf texture and fungus 20150106-135030-49830252.jpg 20150106-135027-49827473.jpg 20150106-135023-49823920.jpg 20150106-135027-49827976.jpg 20150106-135022-49822983.jpg 20150106-135025-49825489.jpg

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