African inspired art gallery exhibition… and Habitat installation in Steamboat Springsart

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This has been an awesome spring.  Designed some new jewelry, visited Texas with a load of artwork, preparing for 2 shows to open Friday, May 1.

Each art exhibition is very different and I’ve had fun exploring textiles, African traditions and art and planning for a big event for the community with live African drummers and some inspiring artwork while continuing my love of urban art and concrete with the Habitat installation.

Laramie Train Depot will be transformed into a gallery full of music, art and culture.  Cash bar and plenty of food. LIVE African music with drummers and dancers will perform from 6:30 to 7:30. Come see the masks created by the Lab student children.

May 1, 4pm to 9pm

My inspiration for the African exhibition are Kuba textiles and unique patterns from the Democratic Republic of Congo. These traditional rugs have meaning and value within their communities that we do not understand, but their beauty and craft is something we can all appreciate.

kuba textile image

These beautiful rugs inspired me to create this piece. I appreciate art from around the world as not only works of beauty, but they intrigue me to learn more about their culture. Art is a form of communication and I love that!


If you happen to be in Steamboat Springs, stop by the Steamboat Springs Art Depot on May 1 from 5pm to 8pm during Steamboat Springs Friday art walk.  My work, Habitat, will include sound, light and shadows and over 150 concrete house sculptures.  I love the surprise and wonder that an installation provides. This exhibit will be on display the entire month of May.



Thanks to Steamboat Art Depot for allowing my work to be shown again in their gallery. And I’m excited about working with 14 other students from my African Art History class that has planned an extraordinary African Art exhibition in Laramie!

Some of my recent new jewelry designs and more images of my inspiration are on Instagram #renewilliamsart and my Facebook page. Preparing for a busy summer with art and science! I’ll be transforming fossils into works of art!

Thanks for stopping by!

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