After a super busy summer “practical” art.. as in turning a 100 year old home into a fun vintage place for my husband and I and also renovating 2 other houses, I am looking forward to being back in the studio.  Working on creating living spaces that are relaxing,  edgy and unique is super fun for me.  I think about color and texture every single day and just can’t help but use them to make art and life more interesting.  Reusing some vintage lighting and flooring to recreate updated living spaces to keep the home authentic was well worth it!

My interest in “habitat” has evolved and as I remodel and create living spaces for me, my family and friends and also creating images of various types of habitats, it seems that my interest in this concept just keeps becoming more interesting to me!  Small worlds that make a place for life in curious places is amazing to find and always on my mind these days.

Concrete house sculptures

But… now it’s time to gear up for a new Cherry Creek Art Show at the Stanley Marketplace in Denver October 23 – 25.  Hope many of you can stop by!

I’m super excited to be selling and displaying my “Habitat” collection from the Steamboat Art Depot spring installation.  Along with these sculptures I’ll be bringing along some new work that merges more materials with concrete.  My sketch book is packed and it’s time to start “MAKING”!

Looking forward to an awesome September and can’t wait to hear from you all and share new ideas in sculpture and jewelry this fall.

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