My Science Loves Art collaborators and I are fine-tuning some final art pieces for 2 exhibitions this spring.  (Checkout Instagram and FB for the latest images of us and our work).  I’ve always been inspired by the beauty of plants and the concept of “preserving” them.  I’m now in love with the subtle beauty if 55 million year old plants that once lived in Wyoming.

So … ….  is an awesome adventure!  Not only am I learning about the most amazing plant fossils in the world right here in Wyoming, but I’m having a blast continuing my work with the concept of preservation (but with an abstract art twist)!

Glass fossils… our latest science / art project is so addicting! Every week as we enjoy chilling at my studio while the scientists have the chance to become artists.  We want to work on a new idea, a new color scheme etc.  Here’s a few of our favorites:


We will install our first rubbing station at the Aven Nelson Botany Building and Williams Conservatory on the University of Wyoming campus.  We look forward to the beautiful art that will be created from some amazing plants that Meredith, the  University of Wyoming Conservatory manager, has organized.  Compare these rubbings to the actual fossils you will find at the UW Geological Museum where another rubbing station will be installed next week.

Our first gallery exhibit will be at Gallery 234 located at the UW Union.  A variety of artwork will be on display and for sale.  The opening reception is April 1st.





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