wabi-sabi “incomplete and imperfect”

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There is a word a look and feel that I love.  It’s a feeling that makes you happy when you walk into an old house that has history and gorgeous wood floors and trim and big glass windows, except the windows are old and foggy and the floor has stains and the trim has paint chipping off of it.  I love the beauty in that and  enjoy taking the house and making the old windows beautiful again, and making the floors shine again and enjoying all of the past cracks and scratches in the old wood floors.

This is the kind of art that makes me completely happy.  Working on old houses and making them beautiful and awesome by reviving their original traits makes me very happy.

My Drawing 2 art professor would tell me to “stop” with my ink drawings.  This was so hard for me!  With charcoal and pastels I could work the layers to look minimal, but with ink, you need to stop!  Well I’m learning to stop and just let the art piece live the way it wants to live!

This piece sold this summer but it is one that I really connected with.  It could be more…. but it is enough….. so it is just right.   And words aren’t needed to explain what I feel when I see the images.

This week, I’m creating more concrete pieces for the Touchstone 2016 art show and winter shows.  It will be a pleasure to just “stop”and let it be.



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