2017 is going to be awesome!

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So far in 2017, I have spent all of my time working on REAL houses.  My husband and I love traveling and hosting guests from around the world.  We have 2 houses in Wyoming and a condo in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and are planning to build a new, unique place in Austin, Texas.  I love creating spaces with concrete countertops, stained concrete floors, unique artwork and in 2017 will be creating handmade soaps and gifts for our guests and also for other hosts.  Working on home design, making art, using colors to create atmosphere, working with wood, metal and concrete all flow into my artwork and my studio.  Same materials but on a different scale.  MyAirbnb.blog

Purple Studio, my jewelry and home accessory line, launched and shopping will be online soon. Jewelry design with metal, glass and enamel has been one of my passions for over 20 years and has also been inspired by my connection to home remodeling (and materials).  Windshield glass rings, concrete pendants and copper pipe enamel rings.  Creating some fun urban jewelry for summer shows and new galleries.

Just heard from Cherry Creek Art Festival and my sculptures were invited to participate in the the July festival in Denver!  I LOVE the Cherry Creek Art Festivals for so many reasons!  They take care of their artists!   As one of top rated fine art shows, they bring in creative artists from all around the world.  What a fun show and a great atmosphere (and they support education!)   Just being there with the energy, music and tons of people.  Dinners out and creating collaborations with other artists.  Super fun!!

Maybe it is the type of sculptures I bring to this show combined with the urban atmosphere, but this is a great place to meet architects, realtors, builders and interior designers.   Concrete is just amazing!

Science Loves Art will become a nonprofit in 2017 and we are hoping to collaborate with science and art teachers to bring fun art projects to their schools.  For now, we are collecting leaves for more glass fossil art!

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