New Art/Science Adventure! EPSCoR/NSF grant and Microbes!

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Science Loves Art is my passion and my work is so linked to my (almost a nonprofit) Science Loves Art.    I have a passion for concrete, sculpture and sculpture jewelry and wearable, but every piece that is created is inspired by something in nature.  Nature and organic materials are embedded or used in every piece of art I create.

As we create more collaborations with scientists (who are normally just my friends that have the same passion for using art as outreach for how cool science is to our lives) I’m excited to announce a long awaited announcement for a new collaboration… MICROBES!

This project started with my application to the Wyoming science team that requested an artist to be a part of their team.  I wrote my proposal while on a train in Japan.  Somehow my proposal made it through many hoops and now I’m excited to collaborate with scientists and other outreach team members to learn about microbes and work on this awesome project.

This project is big and the more people that want to be a part of it the better!

Learn more on our Science Loves Art post and join in on the fun!

The new 4th Street Studios is the perfect place for beer making, cheese making and other microbial art projects:)

Keep in touch!


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