September 23 to October 12 are the exhibition dates for Spiders! Interconnectedness, Innovation & Stewardship exhibit at the Berry Center / Biodiversity Institute at the University of Wyoming.  I love this space… big and open and full of concrete and tall walls for BIG pieces of artwork!

This project is my 2nd Science Loves Art collaboration.  This project is with a team of over 20 contributing scientists from across the country.

The exhibit will include details about the amazing Wyoming Mason spider recently discovered by Maggie Raboinat a site near Jackson, Wyoming (more coming about that), a chocolate spider, glass blown spider, Randy Lewis’ synthetic spider silk from a goat, illustrations by Herbert Levi from Harvard of close ups of spider body parts (super cool!) and my piece, an abstract version of 100 Spiders, 100 Days on permanent exhibit in Jackson, Wyoming.

Will post more photos of the exhibit today and also more information about our upcoming workshop (merging glass and the Mason Spider!).

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 10.49.30 AM

I collected 8 spiders from around my house with a fork and my iphone flashlight (the artist way to collect samples) for the exhibit.  I had fun working with Sarah Kariko and learning about spiders, how they think, how unique their silk is and how our future architecture can change using silk.  Look up Randy Lewis (his goat silk).


2017-07-28 17.49.21
Sarah and I learning about Mason spiders and houses….


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