Houses… a place, a memory or a dream?

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Houses that stand alone in an image are like the sculptures I love to create that are simple objects of art when on display.  They are a single unit that we like to touch, feel, look at the textures close up and feel the weight of each one.  But, when houses are established in a community or a setting, the house comes to life.  This is the life I try to bring to my sculptures.  Add a life to the houses by placing them in a setting or installation where we discuss neighborhood design, simple vs extravagant footprint of our house, who gets the sun and more discussions come from these little sculptures.

I wanted to share this video we took of my installation in Steamboat Springs.  I never intended to create individual sculptures to be sold, but after this installation I realized that each one has a personality that people connect with.  I plan to bring this sense of community to future art shows so that the discussions we will have expand and the houses have another dimension.

Participating in art shows and exhibitions, for me, is not just about making art sales, but about making connections with people, other artists, architects, builders, teachers, real estate agents, scientists, children and anyone that enjoys art and discussing artwork and how we use art to demonstrate what makes us happy or gives us connections.

During a great discussion at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, I was told about a book that I’m now infatuated with reading.  The Poetics of Space written in 1958 by  Gaston Bachelard.

“This is a deep, magical, densely captivating book about space, our homes, how we live in them, and how dwellings and space affect us; it is as much a book of philosophy as a work of serious literature. It requires careful, preferably leisurely reading, with the possibility of moments to pause and digest and re-read the words. It will change the way you look at your home and your life, providing a deeper, more insightful relationship with the spaces you occupy.”

Thanks for stopping by.

I’ve got more news to share… exciting fall and winter art events and exhibitions!



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