Concrete is a big part of my art because it is an amazing material.  I fell in love with concrete and architecture after living in Europe and being surrounded by these amazing Roman buildings that stand the test of time with concrete.  It was cast, formed, scraped, cut and textured.

After this weekend showing my sculptures at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, I was so interested in the comments and conversations from the public about art  and my concept of the “house” but the questions were mainly about CONCRETE!

Americans in particular, think of concrete as something you buy in a sack at the hardware store that you use for setting a post and it is filled with rocks.  My concrete doesn’t have a single rock in it.  I play around and have experimented with over 100 materials and have a scientific approach to my “recipes”.

My original goal with creating concrete recipes was to find a way to create a strong concrete for large sculptures that could withstand winter weather (I’m in the Rocky Mountains). I was shocked at the number of variations that could be created.   I’ve created my own concrete recipes that can be used in large sculptures that can be displayed outdoors, but also strong enough for small pieces of jewelry set in bezels or cast in a mold.

What gives concrete strength?  There are many questions, answers and materials and I will continue to research and explore.  Look at the work Marie Jackson is working on.  I’m excited to being exploring some of these materials that they are discovering in the Roman concrete over 2000 years old. article

More news coming about concrete and exploring science and art connections.   More science and art exhibitions and collaborations announced soon!

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