This week at the property we have been working on the greenhouse and creating a gallery space in the store front portion of my studio at 4th Street Studios.   Feeling a little bit squeezed with everything I want to do with art, building restoration, greenhouse projects, Micro Project, minimalist jewelry design and gallery exhibition projects like concrete sculpture installations and contemporary jewelry sculpture/metalsmith exhibitions, I’m trying to focus on 2019 goals.   See a prior post about my connection to houses and concrete here.

2018-12-01 16.04.53
Concrete sculptures exhibited in Austin, Steamboat Springs and Denver.  

Now that the Austin houses and property are complete, we will dive into the 1915 home restoration and finish the barn and greenhouse functionality that sits on the 4th Street property.   We’ve never lived in a downtown community and being able to walk out back to gather herbs from the greenhouse or walk to my studio to check on work in progress will be awesome!  Sharing this historic property with the community at times will be another big plus to this space and location.

But what I’m really looking forward to is having a break from building restorations and diving deep into some art projects that have been on the back burner for a few years.  Organizing my metalsmith workspace and upgrading some equipment will make me so happy.  I’ve got an entire sketch book full of metal sculpture ideas and most of them involve Australian inspired botanical recreations and some micro art inspired work.

2018-12-01 16.13.06
Enamel sculpture with lichen.  Small World collection. 
2018-12-01 17.14.21
Sterling silver and concrete ring.  Wabi sabi jewelry collection.

2019 looks to be a super exciting and art filled year!

Follow my FB page and learn more about the property on 4th Street Studios FB/website.  If you are into science and art collaborations, get in touch and get involved at Science Loves Art FB or website.

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