Working with the Wyoming Epscor/National Science Foundation grant as the visual artist has been great inspiration and has transformed my artwork in many ways. I’ve spent over a year researching microbes and learning from our team of scientists and I’m now in love with anything micro and enjoy showing these new worlds to everyone I meet!

The images of microbes I’ve explored from my own art studio science lab (very basic) I was able to capture some awesome images of microbes in various shapes and sizes.  The repetition of the round shapes can be grown in red, green, blue and sometimes threadlike colors weave themselves into the round colonies.  I’m not sure what they do but with this project, I’m looking forward to having some dna results of the Wyoming microbes and also run some dna tests on my studio grown microbes (grown from air and soil collected around the studio).

cool doc microbes

Using my microscope and camera in tandem, look what I found in the petri dish!  I did chance the color balance on this image.

The image below was taken using the same microscope and camera but without edit or changes in the colors.  This image, however, is NOT of a real microbe, but of the glass I’ve fused in the studio with the intention of creating movement and shape of the glass simply using heat and layers of glass to create this effect.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 1.10.54 PM
glass microbe copyright René Williams 2018
micro glass
micro glass copyright René Williams 2018

The Micro Glass Exhibition has been on display at 2 venues in 2018 (Texas and Wyoming) and I’m excited to expand the work and the exhibition opportunities globally in 2019.

Images are for sale and printed on metal.  Because of their high resolution, they are printed very large which gives the viewer an interesting perspective.

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For more information on the status of Science Loves Art, learn more on Instagram, Facebook and the website.  Science Loves Art will be a nonprofit organization soon and will offer mini-grants and pop-up art opportunities online and physically on an international platform.

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