Houses and architecture are in my life every day.  I can’t always put my thoughts into words, but building houses, remodeling old houses and giving them new life and creating a space in a house for guests all revolve around my connection and love with houses.

Many of my conversations about houses are started with my concrete house sculptures.  The materials and the basic image of the house draws many people in and they want to discuss a memory they’ve just had.

I don’t think that houses are something you buy at Home Depot, but they represent the shape of our soul and need intention and nurturing.  They hold our treasures and our memories. They are where we enjoy friends and family and stay warm in the winter.  I love old houses and how some windows open easier than others.  Every summer I find my favorite windows to open for the perfect breeze.

My husband and I look for neglected houses that were built between 1900 and 1930 because the wood and concrete work is perfect.   The homes were built to last and all of the houses that we have given new life have exposed so many secrets and features that were ignored.  Old wood floors under carpet and gorgeous light fixtures and door hinges that just need attention.

We’ve just finished building a guest house and main house on some property in Austin that my parents have owned for over 30 years.  Designing and building a house from scratch was more difficult because we needed to envision the personality and traits of the house.  Once we had the design figured out, our first purchase was the front door.  A vintage beautiful door we found in Austin.  The door had been removed from an old building and was from the 1940s and this door made such a difference.

2018-05-25 gh front

This summer I am looking forward to creating studio space in our new property, 4th Street Studios.  Renovating the barn for welding and concrete work in the same place a rancher worked on his projects in the 1930s is going to be awesome!

2018-05-06 15.37.01


The big overgrown shrub will be gone and the greenhouse and barn totally renovated by winter.  A place for art, music and community.  Love this place.

2018-05-08 18.34.17 HDR

Wabi-sabi is the beauty and appreciation of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete

It is the beauty of things humble and simple in nature

It is the beauty of things unrefined and unconventional

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