We loved our time in Perth and had some amazing adventures and now we are in Adelaide exploring art and the beautiful Adelaide Hills, downtown Adelaide, beaches, water, hikes, plants, reserves, birds and animals and of course botanic gardens.  We drove across the Nullarbor and that was exciting!


Science Loves Art is on a roll so Ivy, the SLA Program Director, and I are busy with all of our goals.  I can barely keep our art supply inventory up as she works to create the Science Loves Art kits to distribute across Wyoming.

I’m enjoying the beautiful and smart birds, especially the lorikeets.  They love the nectar in the trees in our yard.

I’ve spent some time exploring local art and artists, architecture and Adelaide’s interesting history.  I’m exploring methods for creating inks from plants and paints from soils.  This would be a great way to bring some of Australia back for outreach at our studios.  One of my biggest projects has been collections of plants for our Science Loves Art herbarium.  It will be amazing to share these amazing plants with our community in person and also using our cameras and equipment to look for small images that would be interesting to explore.

Enjoying this opportunity to meet great people and share and compare cultures.  Such an amazing place to be and feeling lucky.

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