On this sabbatical I’m using my camera and microscope together to find “small worlds”. I’m not trained photographer, but I absolutely love creating compositions with my camera to capture light, shadows and the details that our eyes can’t see on their own.

While in the outback in Australia and in Coober Pedy it was the perfect opportunity to get photos of the stars and the full moon rising.   I can’t wait for the day when we can add more sounds and smells into our photography!

rising moon stars fav
Outback stars as the full moon is rising.

This month I’ll be showing one of my Micro Glass art pieces at the Urban Cow Studio’s Art Prize Exhibition.  The micro glass images were taken with the same camera we used to take photos of the stars but with totally different settings.  It is still amazing to me the gorgeous details and pureness of color the glass shows at a microscopic level.

hole plant 3
One of my favorite images taken with the same camera.

The Wyoming EPSoR grant, that I’m privileged to be a part of, has opened my mind to a whole new world of small worlds to explore.  I’ve always been interested in macro images and art, but learning about the roles of these images and the impact they have on our lives, health and world is mind boggling!

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