Sabbaticals aren’t always easy.  It takes months to prepare to leave home, business, friends, family and the small things like what to do with mail, will my mobile phone work, how to open a bank account and the best way to transfer money to my new account are the top of my list.  Buying a car, registration and auto insurance research, driving on the wrong side of the road and where to guy groceries, get haircuts and a place to workout are next.

Antique stores and cute little town fill up Adelaide Hills. Architecture and history is all over this area!
These pretty churches are everywhere and many are converted into little cafes and art shops.  The doors have this pretty shape and the rock exterior is gorgeous on the metal roofs.  Important to have buildings that won’t easily burn in Australia.

Our first sabbatical was really crazy because we had a young family and moved to France where we didn’t know how to communicate fluently (or at all really).  A big task but so so rewarding!  After a few months in France, our children were fluent in french and after 10 months we went home with great memories and some amazing friends!  Language isn’t a barrier when you have so much in common like food, music and the love of outdoor activities and fun.  Our family learned so much about living, the world

Now that we are in Australia, the language is fun for us and the people are so generous with their kind words.  Everywhere we go people just love to share tables and conversations about life.  We enjoyed the Blue Mountains on our last sabbatical to Australia, and 2 months in Perth this year was awesome, we are excited that Adelaide is where we will be enjoying the next few months. December and January in Adelaide is perfect.  We are 20 minutes to everything we love to do.  Adelaide Hills is full of winding roads, trees and small towns full of charm.  Tons of beachside to explore and bike trails for us to ride.  McLaren Valley is filled with wineries and rolling hills and more bike trails and cute towns.

The view from one of our favorite micro brewery near McLaren Vale.

As an artist, I’ve had a fun time meeting new artists and collaborating.  My artwork was invited to a great gallery in east Adelaide, Urban Cow Studio.  During the opening event I met quite a few artists and most were from the Jam Factory working with glass, metal and resin (my favorites).  I’m looking forward to experimenting with glass program schedules, polishing techniques and hopefully some long term relationships with these amazing artists!


Glass samples from the Jam Factory glass blowing area. 

The summary, sabbaticals take alot of effort, letting go of our normal lives and alot of trust and unknowns, but it is so worth it!  I’m lucky to have the perfect sabbatical partner, my scientist husband that is always inspiring and supporting.  You don’t have to go on sabbatical to let go of a few “daily duties” that could be replaced by something new.

A friend from home asked me why we would leave to go somewhere we didn’t know anyone.  Like… what is the point?  Well I’ve just name a few reasons but there are so many more reasons to explore the world.

Life by design can work. Live on less and let go of stuff.


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