Living in Australia for 5 months has been a great exploration of travel, culture, plant and animal curiosity and an amazing culture.  Meeting talented artists has been a huge plus!  As the founder of Science Loves Art, a nonprofit organization, I spend many days and hours creating projects for outreach, art and science.  Follow along with the projects that Ivy, SLA’s Program Director and I are work on daily.

One of the best results from this sabbatical are the over 60 plant collections we have preserved and will be sending to our Science Loves Art Herbarium.  This is an exciting new outreach tool for us and a way to share plants to our state where these plants would never be able to survive.  I’m so excited to see how these plants will bring inspiration to scientists and artists across Wyoming!

As my sabbatical extends now to Zurich, Australia, my attention is moving to one of my deepest passions… architecture.  Along with that is my long time passion with concrete.  I’m looking forward to exploring and learning about Roman concrete methods, inspirations from architecture and old Roman jewelry designs.  I’m not sure where the opportunities will arise, but I’m hoping to meet amazing artists and those with similar interest and find new collaborations with artists and scientists.

Back home, some work from the FIRST SLA collaboration will be on display during March and April of 2020 at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens.  An amazing, peaceful place in Wyoming full of ferns and water features while the snow builds up outside.

This is a year of inspiration for my own art and love for architecture and inspiration from plants, nature and all of the urban and natural textures to be explored.  It is also a busy year for Science Loves Art, my ongoing passion.  I’m excited to see what upcoming inspirations and experiences are to be found in Europe in 2020!


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