Now that we are back in Wyoming after leaving our sabbatical in Zurich 3 months early, we’ve been enjoying getting the greenhouse updated and gearing up to get the barn finished (my metalsmithing will finally have a permanent home).

My original studio spot, 4th Street Studios, has evolved to more of a community space and home of Science Loves Art and local artists.  A place for small exhibits, workshops and local art retail shopping.  It is an evolving and unique place that is finding a way to bring our little community together through art.

I’m finding that my life as an artist isn’t about exhibiting my work, finding art shows and galleries to represent my work or selling my jewelry or sculptures, but it is more about design.  I love designing spaces. Indoor spaces, gardens and creating a feeling in a structure.  Maybe that is my connection to architecture and my concrete houses that I love to create.

Instead of building and restoring houses, I’ve decided to focus more on a smaller scale.  Getting back to the interior elements of design.  In Zurich it was so amazing to see glass window designs, patterned tile floors, ornamental metal gates, fences and hardware and the art of a beautiful garden.

This summer it will be great to have time to get our barn insulated and heated, the greenhouse floor updated with terra cotta tiles and our garden filled with hop plants for home brews, calendula and chamomile for my salve projects and our new basement kitchen ready for experimenting with recipes made with these plants.

Sabbaticals are our way of resetting goals and keeping our lives in check.  Glad to be back in Wyoming where we can camp under the stars and dance in the greenhouse!

barn summer night4th st front of studio 2020


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