Winter art… more concrete!

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Wrapping up art and creating new art will make December a fun month.   Merging glass fusing with concrete and organics continues to be my passion this winter as my “Science Loves Art” collaborators and I continue to merge science and art.

Learn more about this collaboration at our blog/website…

We are in the middle of experimenting with laser cutters, 3d scanners and printing.  Fossil jewelry and fossil rubbing plates for visitors to the University of Wyoming to enjoy are just part of what we are working on so stay tuned!  Bringing in the public to participate with us is one of our big goals so we’d love your feedback!

Here’s a few pics of my awesome science collaborators.  Ellen Currano and Laura Vietti and me with my abstract fossil artwork on display now at the UW Geological Museum.  Me and Brandon Gellis who curated this fun event!

Stop by and take a look at this awesome museum!


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