The Habitat series is ongoing and as I am in my studio creating sculptures for the upcoming Cherry Creek Arts Festival, I think about how I am drawn to the idea of the “house” on a daily basis.  My Dad was a builder and I grew up designing little houses from cardboard boxes and scraps from his sample books, helping him put the finishing pieces on the houses and watching him and my mother create a living place for families.

Living in Europe only added more passion to my love for architecture and concrete and the amazing textures of old medieval and Roman buildings that have been through so many days of living and although the walls and walkways have marks of history, they live on with bits of plants, life and people loving on them every day!

Now my husband and I own several houses and I truly love allowing each house to have a soul and personality.  When people enter the house, there is a feel to it. It has character all its own.  All of the guests we host from around the world can live in the place we’ve created and that makes the hard work worth it!

As I design the Habitat sculptures each one has a personality and a history that shows.  Not all of the houses are functional or peaceful or calm or happy.  You can tell some have secrets inside the walls.  I’m in love with houses!  The simple shape of the house is the logo for the soul.

This house with a lace roof reminds me of my mother.  This lace was purchased in France while she was with me and she is an amazing artist that appreciates beautiful things.  She created the best house with such a loving soul. Love you Mom.

2016-06-23 16.34.00
French lace and concrete.  Reminds me of my amazing Mother and shopping in Paris for fabric with her.
2016-06-23 14.47.09-1
Nails removed from my home built in 1921.  Treasures.

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